Anger & Sexual Abuse

Allen Hoover, Abuse Care Group, Ephrata, PA

The lies we believe:

I am not worth as much as others.

If God truly loved me, He should not have allowed…

The abuser lives on as if nothing ever happened while I…

I want to forgive, but I just don’t feel forgiving…

Is there something wrong with me?

The goal of the weekend is that it would be a stepping stone on the path of healing. This seminar is for those struggling with past abuse and for those walking with the struggling.


Registration Opening Date: June 13, 2024

Overcoming Depression

Joshua Strickler, Conestoga, PA

How do we understand depression?  What are its causes and its cures?  How do we live when the darkness will not lift?  What resources does our faith in Jesus Christ offer to those who wrestle with the experience of the ongoing inability to experience happiness or joy?  Throughout this weekend we will explore these questions related to the common experience of discouragement.


Registration Opening Date: March 7, 2024