Marriage Enrichment IV

Phil Beachy, Millersburg, OH

“Marriage – What was God Thinking?”

In a culture that is rejecting the institution of marriage, what is God’s plan for our marriage?

Is marriage still relevant for us today? Love, security, intimacy and affection – is this too much to expect in godly marriages today? Together we want to examine the principles in God’s Word that direct us in our marriages. His way is always best! (This seminar will be repeated in February 2025.)



Registration Opening Date: April 11, 2024

Family Week

Download iconExcept the Lord Build the House
Nathan Fisher
May 26, 2023

Download iconMaking Your Home a Safe Place
Paul Stoltzfus
May 29, 2023

Download iconInstilling a Love for God in Our Children
Merv Yoder
August 10, 2023

Download iconValidating the Hearts of Our Children
Merv Yoder
August 12, 2023

Download iconHealing for Our Brokenness
Merv Yoder
August 13, 2023

Life after the Mission Field

JoeAllen Yoder, Rural Retreat, VA

Come to rebuild, restore, & renew your connection with the Father who does not change but understands our need to change. We will discuss how to properly respond to culture shocks that we face upon returning to our home.  We will also discuss ways to thrive at home using the lessons God taught us at our place of service and explore ideas on how to apply those lessons to the unique mission field we are involved in today.


Registration Opening Date: April 4, 2024

Family Week II

Elmer Sensenig, Greenwich, OH

Family relationships become stronger through Jesus Christ. Because of Him, the joy and love of families can last beyond death. One of our biggest mission and purpose in life is our own family. Join us for an extended weekend of encouragement and inspiration focusing on priorities, communication, and who God created us to be as we strive to build Godly families in today’s fast paced life. Please come for a refreshing time of fellowship, topics, singing, relaxation, recreation, sharing, and good ol’ fashioned fun and team building for the whole family.


Registration Opening Date: February 8, 2024

Broken Homes

Rex Blevins, Lancaster, PA

Romans 12:15 reflects both the heart and spirit we experience at the Broken Homes Seminar. “Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep”. This is a comfortable and caring group that always has an additional spot set for those that will come. Come with your children and be equipped to walk your unique journey with encouragement.


Registration Opening Date: February 2, 2024